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The Club was first awarded the ECB Clubmark Accreditation on 9th September 2009.


In August 2012, 2015 and 2019 a full audit was completed by the NEW Cricket Development Officer and submitted to the EBC for review. The clubs aims and objectives were also reviewed by the ECB. Again in November 2019 we received our renewall certificate having been succesful in meeting the criteria laid out by the ECB.


This accreditation focus’s on four main areas:

  1. Duty of Care and Safegaurding Children
  2. The Cricket Programme
  3. Knowing Your Club and its Community - One Game
  4. Club Management


Clubmark Accreditation enables the club to build on existing good practices and activities through a structured approach. The club is required to provide evidence and demonstrate implementation across these four areas which form the basis of the Club Development Plan

Clubmark Accreditation is a requirement for the club’s continued participation in the North Wales Premier League and enables the club to continue to access funding for any cricket related projects.


Further information can be found on the ECB website via the following link:

Contact Phil Evans - NCC Clubmark Coordinator.

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NCC Mission Statement:

To promote cricket in a safe and rewarding environment through a structured and planned approach. To treat everyone equally in accordance with the ECB Inclusivity & Diversity Policy.